The Use of Frankincense and Myrrh Anointing Oil to Break Bondages

Published: 03rd January 2009
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The voice on the other end of the line cracked and weakened as Linda talked of her husband. He was slipping into a very negative life style that was affecting the entire family.

As she begin to share what was happening I realized how what I had been learning could help her. I told her about the study I had been doing in the use of Biblical Anointing Oils for breaking bondages and the wonderful miracles we were seeing - her voice lifted. I told her about using anointing oil to anoint small pieces of cloth as we prayed over them asking God for specific things that were needed. I had just completed a teaching series about the use of Anointing Oils and Incense which went much deeper into my findings and offered to send both to her.

In an effort to get the anointing oils, cloths and teaching CDs to Linda ASAP they were immediately shipped. Since the instructions for how to use the anointing oil and the cloths were still in the process of being printed they were sent to her via email a couple days later; however, even though Linda should have received the instructions on how to use the anointing oil and cloths before the package arrived her computer crashed so she did not receive the email.

Since all this was so new to Linda I thought I would help. (Sometimes it is best to not interfere but I just felt this time it was needed). Before the package was shipped I used Frankincense and Myrrh anointing oil to anoint the cloths for the purpose of her using them for her family. The prayer of anointing over the cloths was for a deeper hunger for the things of the Lord and for deliverance of the bondage her family was in.

A few days later I called Linda to see if the package had arrived. She told me when she received the package she was delighted to see the cloths and immediately anointed them for her to have a good nights sleep. She was now sleeping like a baby. (She had failed to let us know she had not been able to have a restful nights sleep in a very long time). Then Linda began to weep and share with us how she had such a hunger to grow deeper in the Lord. How the only thing she desired was to be able to walk up to someone and tell them about Jesus with no hesitation. - Remember what I said I prayed over the cloths? Linda was reaping the anointing prayed over the cloths by using them herself without realizing what she had done.

Lindas hunger grew and grew towards knowing the Lord deeper. She was not able to find satisfaction in the church she was going to. We had sent her some tapes by an evangelist we know. She called and asked if it would be possible to go to one of his meetings the next time he was in our area if she was able to get some days off work and arrange to come. She lived in another state. The Lord provided a few days off, an ok from her husband and super low airline tickets. She was on her way. Upon her arrival we were able to arrange for her to attend two evening meetings, one day time meeting and to have a private lunch and teaching session with the evangelist before she left. During the lunch he talked to her about anointing cloths. He told her if she brought a piece of cloth to the meeting that evening he would pray over it for her husband.

I had not told Linda about the prayer of anointing I had done over the cloths that had been sent her. While sitting at the kitchen table waiting for the time to leave for the evening service I looked over at Linda and said, Remember the cloths I sent to you. The ones you anointed to have a good nights sleep? She looked at me with question in her face and said, Yes? I anointed them before I sent them to you. I prayed for a deeper hunger for the Lord. Lindas face turned white with the realization of what I was saying. It works! she exclaimed with a big smile. Yes, it works Linda.

The last we heard from Linda was she is passionate for the things of God and praising the Lord. She reported back, much to her delight, when she prays over people now she can feel the electricity of the Holy Spirit flowing through her. Oh and her husband, well he is back serving the Lord and just as passionate as Linda for the things of the Lord.

Since Clara's encounter with the Anointing Oils of the church she continues to study and teach on the various things within the Scriptures connected with Christian and Judaica worship .

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